Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Fun For An Otherwise Boring Post

All right, so the alphabet meme thing is going around on several blogs right now.  MyKidsMom was kind enough to include me in on the fun (read - I didn't have anything great to post about anyway so this works for me!)

I will now share with you all ten things beginning with the letter "F" that I am rather fond of:
(apparently my obsession with frogs inspired the letter assigned me)

1) Football:  This includes watching football on tv, watching football at an actual game, screaming at the tv when my team is failing to do well, and competitively playing in two fantasy football leagues.  Oh, and I'm all about going outside to toss the ole pigskin for a while too. . .

2) Fudge:  Call them brownies, and I'll probably give them a try.  Call them fudge brownies, and I'll make them disappear!  'Cause I'm fabulous at magic and mostly filling my mouth with anything that has the word fudge in it.  (also a reference to a great moment in A Christmas Story.:) )

3) Fuzz:  As in the bristly stuff on my man's upper lip and chin.  I guess I am rather attached to that fuzz, as I hate it when he shaves it off.  The thing is, girls, he just looks so fine with that fuzzy face. . . 

4) Fazoli's:  Fast food - Italian food!  This restaurant has the best of both worlds!  Oh, how I miss their flaky breadsticks and fantastic fettucini!  And at such a frugal price!

5) Fine-tip markers:  Otherwise I would never get all that fine detail and filigree work done on my art pieces.  I need a pen with an eensy weensy tip to get all that fancy stuff just right.  

6) Frames:  Love them!  I have photos of the family and friends and other random things framed all over my house.  Big frames, small ones, and of course all the ones I paint for my artwork. . . 

7) Footwear: Ha!  I knew I could get shoes on this list somehow. A girl has got to keep her feet looking good.  A cute new pair of shoes does me a world of good!  

8) Fitness:  The Wii Fit has inspired me to find fractions of time to facilitate a fabulous figure. (if you aren't groaning yet people, you must have faith that I am going to stop using all these f's...)  I actually like working out - finding the time is a little hard, that's all.  

9) Friday nights:  This could also be termed freedom!  The three fiends go to their fraternal grandparents', and my man and I get some free time together.  This often involves a trip to Best Buy to play with all the latest gadgets or a frappucino at Starbucks. . . 

10) Friends:  Both bloggy and real, my friendships are important to me!  So here's a shoutout to all of you, my faithful friends, and a fanfare to all!  Thanks for holding me up when I feel like falling, and for telling me like it is - always.  Much love to you all!

Yeah, I know, I went a little overboard on the f's, but you have to admit it was more entertaining that way.  Okay, maybe not. . . 

So did you learn anything new about me through this?  Anything surprise you?  I will gladly tag someone else with a letter if they wish to play.  (and if not, that's totally fine - this alphabet meme has to finish off with someone, after all.  Oh, the fatality of it all!)


  1. Very impressive Jeanette, you did waaay better than I did! Wow, who knew F was such a great letter? lol

    I LOVE Fazolis!!! I want to open my own franchise here in the NorthWest. I totally don't understand WHY there isn't one here. Maybe if we start a petition..;) Honestly, I think it would do well. And my husband is really going to hate it that I'm back on the "I want a "Fazoli's" kick again again:)

    Oh, I envy your Friday nights. It's our family night, and that's great too. But time with hubby is a real rarity lately. Are your kids the only grandkids on that side?

  2. Oh my, not only are my quotation marks wrong, but I'm repeating myself. Hopefully this isn't a vision of things to come for the day. Sorry about that.

  3. Amen to football, footwear, and fudge!! :) And I definitely think frappuccino deserved its own point. :-D


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