Monday, January 19, 2009

Tackle-It Tuesday - (ok did it Monday!)

My project this week is the kids' room.  It has been in need of better organization for a while now, and certain recent events have prompted me to get it done now.  If you have no idea what I'm talking about, please refer to my last post. :)
I don't really have any before pictures - they would be horrendous - but I made some good headway into organizing the kiddies' room.  Keep in mind that this is a room that THREE little ones share - a 3-yr-old with a twin bed, an almost-two-year-old with a toddler bed, and a baby with a crib.  Space is a little tight!  Also keep in mind that organizing is not one of my strong points.  Give me something creative, and I'll run with it!  Tell me to organize my home into a functional and beautiful living space, and I'll probably just stare at you blankly.
Ok, so here's what I did:
Little children I have found have very short attention spans, and so I went big!  Here are their two major toy tubs, labeled "Big Toys" and "Stuffed Animals."  And in case my kiddies aren't geniuses, they can look at the pictures to put their toys away.
Here is Gabi's bed.  The drawers underneath are now exclusively used for bedtime books.  Note the color bursting underneath the mattress.  Those are all the big fold-up tents the kiddies got for Christmas, finally out of the way!
Here's the Little People corner.  My kiddies are addicted to playing with Little People and all their tiny accessories.  I labeled the drawers and put photos on them as well so the kiddies would know where to put their play food and Little People.  
Here's Mikester's crib.  I hung a few of Gabi's bags with Gabi-only toys in them (fashion dolls, etc.) on the rack above his crib.  Out of reach for a certain wily fellow named David. . . 

And lastly here is David's bed.  The box underneath is for storage; for what yet I have not determined.  But the box's very presence helps to keep little toys from rolling into the wasteland, never to be seen again.
Wow - I am just blown away by my organizing!  Look good and hard folks 'cuz this only comes around once in a while!

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  1. This is great, oh to have clean kid rooms! I envy your Tackle!

  2. You are on top of things woman! It all looks lovely. Now you know me I love organizing.
    I just have to say that the room looks adorable with those little mini beds, sorta like the seven dwarfs. How sweet.

  3. Great tackle!! Their rooms are sooooooo cute!!!

  4. Anonymous4:54 AM

    YOu did great!!!! Love the idea of hiding the tents under the mattress! Brilliant! Great job! :)

  5. I am all into boxes or anything else under the beds that keep the toys out of there. I just can't crawl under beds anymore! We have a whole closet for Little People places and then the "people" and the "stuff" is in a huge tote. I just can't justify getting rid of a quality toy. Those go to our grandkids eventually...way down the road! =) Great job! Wanna come do mine? =)

  6. Great Job! I love the striped walls!

  7. Looks great!! I love how you painted the walls, too cute!!!

  8. I think you have done a fabulous job at getting organized. I love that you used pictures for labels. This is something I am planning on doing, but haven't "tackled" it yet. I also love the little things you've included like the tents under the mattress, and the box for storage under the bed. Any place you can store things is always a plus! What a great tackle!

  9. Wow, I LOVE those striped walls! I've never thought of doing that. Love the green tubs with the BIG labels too. Great tackle Jeanette!

  10. Wow! Looks like you have been super busy! It looks great!

  11. Great job! It looks great, and hard to believe three little ones live in that room :) The walls are super cute too.

  12. Great job! Love the striped walls! :)

    Nice to "meet" you! TGIF


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