Thursday, January 22, 2009

Contest and such

I have a lot of things on my mind lately (what mom doesn't?) and one of these days you are going to hear all about it in a brilliantly written post.  But for now, since I have just finished working out and need to hit the shower before the kiddies destroy the house, I will refrain.  
(by the way, for those of you that have a Wii Fit, try the aerobic boxing - so fun!)

Anyway, in case you missed it in my post yesterday, I am hosting a contest on my craft blog The Scrappy Frog in which you can win customized artwork for your kid's room or baby nursery.  It's super simple to enter so please go check it out here.  The more the merrier!

And with that I bid you a happy Thursday and just can't wait to dive into the piles of laundry and other fantastic activities that I have planned for today.


  1. Have a good day Jeannette. I know how you feel about meaty and thought provoking posts. I have hundreds in my head but when kids are always interrupting its hard to get down a coherent thought. I have to write those kind of things when the kids are in bed. It burns the midnight oil but I sorta like the smell of midnight oil! lol

  2. Aerobic boxing, huh? I'm not sure if I've unlocked that yet. Sounds like fun.

    I linked to your giveaway on today's post. I'm still trying to come up with an idea myself. Maybe over the weekend I'll have one of those light-bulb moments... not counting on that one too much,lol.

    I'm sure envious of your fascinating laundry. Why can't MY laundry be fascinating? :)


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