Monday, December 15, 2008

Let It Snow!

Early Sunday morning large white snowflakes drifted lazily down in our driveway.  They soon picked up speed and blanketed our home and vehicles in white fluffy goodness.  Before long, we got the call from church saying the morning services had been canceled.  In this area of Oregon, we don't see much snow;  in fact, we are lucky to get a half-inch or so every once in a while.  So it was a big deal to us and especially the kiddies.  Gabi danced around in anticipation of getting out and playing in the snow:  she vaguely remembered the white stuff from the year before.  David had no idea what real snow was, but judging by his sister's hyper reaction, he knew it must be something good.  
It took me a little while to bundle the kids up in pajama pants and whatever else I could find to keep them warm.  I don't have snow gear for them since snow comes so infrequently, and I had to be a little creative.  Michael (below) opted to stay inside where it was nice and warm and where Christmas music was ringing out merrily from the radio.
Gabi was instantly in love with the snow.  Here she is telling me that the snow is "just like popcorn."  I have always loved food analogies...
Here is the Davester, looking a little like Ralphie from "The Christmas Story".  David is NOT getting a BB gun for Christmas, because he most assuredly WOULD shoot his eye out. :)
David seemed to take great joy in gathering large mittenfuls of snow and smearing it all over his coat.  Whatever makes you happy, buddy...
And course my man and I were enjoying the snow too.  We first kissed during a lovely snowfall in Massachusetts, and so the snow always brings back sweet memories.
Here is a shot of the trees behind our condo.  The few scarlet maple leaves still hanging grimly on stand out in brilliant beauty against the stark whiteness of the snow.
These are the wetlands beyond our condo complex.  Beautiful, peaceful, serene - this little area is in great contrast to the bustling city life all around it.

Despite the inevitable obstacles that the snow brought (no church services, a lot of cookies that didn't make it to the Church Taste of Christmas sale, etc.), I was so glad and grateful for the gorgeous snow that God sent us.  The kiddies went out again today on our back deck and busily drove their Tonka trucks through the crispy snow and spooned more snow in and out of dishes.  
PS.  So sorry that I couldn't make it to the Ornament Exchange, Mrs. D.  The icy conditions in our complex are so bad that I can't even get the van up the hill and out of the complex, let alone all the way to your place. 


  1. Yes we missded you. We were a party of five but we had fun. We feasted until we popped. LOl Love thepic of the red leaves on the snow. That belongs in a magazine!

  2. Really J, we would have scolded you had you come, lol. I think just about everyone had their hubby drop them off (except myself) but I noticed that Mrs.D had said it was canceled and it's so rare that I get to correct her on anything...:)

    The snow really is fun, if you don't have to drive in it. And they're saying more to come, hopefully enough for a good-sized snowman. Though my boys have loftier ambitions of a snow fort:) It would be nice to get the bake sale and Christmas play taken care of on Sunday though. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

  3. I just came across your blog through my friend's (WriterChic) and I think I'll be frequenting it. I also have 3 kiddos (3yo boy, 2 yo boy, 8 month old girl). It is refreshing to be able to read about another mommy on the same journey! Most people look at me like I'm nuts. LOL

  4. Your itty little bit of snow makes me laugh....also makes me jealous, b/c we have piles and heaps and mounds of snow sitting around. :) We got a few inches last night, and are supposed to get a ton this weekend. Oh the joys of Eskimo land. :)

    love you guys -- the pics are cute!!


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