Friday, December 26, 2008

Can You Feel the Excitement?!

Christmas is a magical time of year, especially when young children are experiencing it for the first time.  This year was particularly exciting for us because it was the first year that Gabi really seemed to "get it."  She knew what was happening, got excited about Santa's visit, and really seemed to get into the Christmas story.  David and Michael just were excited in general, and it made the Christmas celebrations at our place and at the in-laws so fun!  A kid's excitement is very infectious!
So come take a peek into our Christmas festivities:
On Christmas Eve, we baked and decorated piles of sugar cut-out cookies.  Here Gabi is choosing her favorites to leave for Santa.
David chose a cookie with lots of gumdrops on it and then quickly snitched a gumdrop for himself.  Not so smart, there, Davey, messing with Santa...
Michael was awed by all the lights, presents, and screeching of his older siblings.  And doesn't he look just darn cute in his Christmas get-up?
Now, Aunt Missy and Uncle James in Canada were intuitive enough to send the kids LIttle Einsteins dolls for Christmas.  Gabi got Annie and David received Leo.  What happened after opening these gifts threw us all for a loop - David desperately wanted the Annie doll and screamed and cried when he couldn't have her, refusing to open any more presents.  We think he has a crush on Annie - he always smiles really big when she is on the screen!
Here Gabi is displaying her new collection of princess fashion dolls from Uncle Matt and Aunt Lauren.  I believe she took all of them to bed with her last night!
I am thrilled that Gabi shares my love of books.  My mom sends her books throughout the year, and this is one she got for Christmas.  We've already read it ten times together.  David likes silly books, and his favorite this year is a book entitled I Love You, Stinky Face.
Here is David's joyous reaction to a big pack of dinosaurs that Grandpa gave him.  Who knew that David like dinosaurs so much?  Apparently Grandpa hit it right on the mark!
Grandma and Grandpa really wanted to get Gabi a dollhouse this year, and I was so glad that they picked out the Mrs. Goodbee dollhouse.  Here Chris and I are applying all the decals to the cute little house.  You can read all about the wonderful little details of this dollhouse in Mrs. D's review here.
It is Foster family tradition to "decorate" Grandma's angel on top of the tree and see how long she takes to notice it.  Don't worry folks - the face paint is electrical tape and will come right off without harming the angel!
Again, Uncle Matt and Aunt Lauren hit a home run with David's present.  This is a big Formula One truck that opens up into a racetrack for mini cars.  (one of those exciting toys that has to be put together and has tons of stickers to apply.) :)  The kids love it and have been playing with it all day after they received a stern lecture on not putting the tiny cars in their mouths and not climbing on it!

And we got Gabi her first pair of roller skates, which she proudly wore today and is taking to them like a natural!

Chris and I make each other gifts each year.  I got the most fabulous video of pictures and video clips of the kids from Chris.  It really made me cry - I just finished watching it again.  I wrote and sang a love song to him, and then wrote 52 love notes for him to keep at his work desk (one for each week of the year).  

All the love and excitement were evident this Christmas, which I think is perfect for a celebration of Christ's birth, the most exciting event of all!


  1. Such wonderful pictures! My oldest shares my love for books as well & I just love it when he receives new ones as gifts b/c it feels like I got a new toy, too! LOL The angel just cracked me up. Hilarious! She looks like she's ready for a reception from Peyton himself. ;)

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

    I have really enjoyed reading about your life and kids this morning, and I so remember having little ones where there were so many toys on Christmas and the fews days after, that I was just simply lost and did not know what to do next.......I miss those glorious days!! Enjoy!

  3. I love the idea for presents for husband and wife. Put your song on youtube and let us hear it! :)

    Isnt that doll house just wonderful. You even have two girls to play one on each side! Did they send a set of dolls? How many dolls did they send. You can go online and order all the sets you want. They're adorable!

  4. Okay so here I am stuffing my face with a piece of pumpkin pie and thinking about that doll house when it hits me like a ton of brick; frogster doesnt have two girls! Good grief! Lets just chalk that statement up to temporary insanity, shall we?

  5. Wow, your kids got some great toys! Love the decorated tree-top angel,lol. Traditions like that are such fun. My kids always get books under the tree as well(from mommy dearest).

    You're right, there's nothing that can quite match the excitement of a child. I'm so glad my youngest is still in the believing stage. She was determined to get a peek at Santa this year, but fell fast asleep instead whew!):)

  6. Sorry the presents caused Davey some tears. :) :) Hope he likes Leo anyways.

    I love the pic of David getting the dinosaurs!! And I really can't believe how much Gabi is starting to look like you. Such cuties. :)

    I'll try to call you today........


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