Monday, March 26, 2007

Sorry it's been a long time

So, today I suddenly remembered that I have this blog(or rather, HAD this blog) and very ambitiously decided to take it up again. So much has happened since I last posted an entry - I successfully navigated through my first pregnancy, had a beautiful baby girl by emergency C-section last January, got pregnant (again!) in July, and am expecting to deliver a baby boy any day now. And that is the extremely brief summary of my life thus far.

Right now I am itchy, anxious, eager, dying to have this baby! This has been a much tougher pregnancy than my first, and I am ready for it to be over. Now that the end is so close, it seems that the days are just dragging by. False labor has only added to the stress. So I am trying to distract myself in as many ways possible.

Sleeping at night has become a thing of the past - a distant luxury that I hope to enjoy again someday! I have become quite the expert on late-night tv, as watching it will eventually cause me to fall asleep. Lately Court TV has been my drug of choice, and I have watched countless episodes of Forensic Files and Suburban Secrets. Have you seen that new Court TV show, "Til Death Do Us Part"? It's pretty good - I think it airs on Monday nights. I tivo it so I can watch it whenever I want.

As I type this, Gabrielle is screaming her head off, intent on sleeping as little as possible during her nap time.
It never works - she still has to stay in her crib until nap time is over - but she is very persistent! Wait a minute - silence??! Oh, this is a rare luxury indeed! I must sign off and enjoy these few moments of peace and quiet while I can.

Will post again soon.

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